Oceano - Ascendants

Artist: Oceano
Release: Ascendants

1. Nephilim

Descendant of the stars
A spawn of hybrid conception
I am alive!

2. Transient Gateways

Behold luminescent spirals overhead
The hidden element of travel unveiled
A mythos of science few can comprehend nor possess
Connectivity of every outer realm
The axis where timelines intersect

A transient gateway manipulating time and space
To harness its powers, one must ascend

Transported through the cosmos, projected to the furthest distance
Crossing dimensions who would you save?
Transported through the cosmos
Crossing dimensions, who would you save?

Would you even care to help?
Or throw such a gift away to withhold for selfish embellishments?

Who would you save?
Would you remain light years away
If you could warn an alien race of a shortened existence?

Burdened, or does benevolence beckon?
Watch them die or open the portals
Open the portals!

3. The World Engine

Our mother earth is in peril
Our mother earth
They’ve come to rape her ’til it bleeds
Our dead planet’s resources are useless

Descending with malicious purpose
Beating all species into submission to drive this planet to its knees
To wipe the slate clean
Demolish and redevelop the biosphere in the image of their own

Cower before their death machine!
An imposing display of power
Destructive forms of technology
Plowing a path of debris and lifelessness

Tremors resonate through the earth
Every person, every home, trampled in its wrath
Terraformed and changed forever!

The world is terrified!
This is no longer your home but a host to forces unimaginable

4. Dead Planet

Are the architects who have changed their ways
Glaring down on us, overwhelmed with disgust

They now anticipate the end
Human D.N.A. deemed a tainted creation
We are forewarned
Signs were ignored, now we must submit to extermination

A predestined termination
A chance to redesign their failing offspring
You were forewarned, and now you must meet your end

Aborted, so then they can begin again
Channelling power
Drained from within the earth
To construct superior specimen

But before the end
You’re forced to watch this world burn
And transform into a dead planet

Watch this world burn
And transform into a dead planet

This is a dead planet
A wasteland
It’s fucking worthless

This is a dead planet
It’s fucking worthless

5. The Taken

Awakened, blinded by lights
An untraceable vessel illuminates the night
Mesmerised as it levitates
An unworldly presence invades the mindscape to communicate

Entranced, your body slips into psychic restraints
Now you elevate to relive relapsed recollections of an abductee
Dissecting flesh, no scars of entry left

Relive relapsed recollections of an abductee
Dissecting flesh, no scars of entry left

From your insides, you are tracked
There’s no where to hide
A foreign device resides embedded
Or is it all in your head?

This is your life
A slave to experiments
This is your life and now your captors beckon, tracing locations
It is time to elevate again!

You are one of the taken!
A mutilated possession
Internally violated
Mentally numbed
This encounter won’t return you
The true Gods have new purpose for you

6. Dawn Of Descent

This is not the second coming of lore
Don’t pray revoke
Dismiss your dissipating God and cherish one last night until humanity’s lost

The streets are dying for war
Cherish one last night until humanity’s lost forever

Violence an insatiable threat in the wake of imposing events
Shattered faith manifests
The truth has lead to social unrest
We are the cause of their presence
Now bear witness

Every mind is inundated, every eye captive
As monolithic transports draw closer
Transmitting telepathic information, human origin and creation are finally exposed

Dispelling organised religion as a fraud
Society loses direction once it’s lost its hold
Witness the blood of riots flood the streets, triggered by desperation disbelief
The pile of bodies increase
The backfire of a collapsed monarchy

All that they’ve taught you is a lie
A lie
Cherish one last night until humanity’s lost

The streets are dying for war
Cherish one last night until humanity’s lost

The streets are dying for war!
Panic, disbelief, and desperation
The streets are filled with war and stained red with death

7. The Dulce Incident

The penetration of barren land through rock and soil
An objective must be fulfilled
Construction under the surface with an undisclosed purpose
Digging down
Digging down as signs of pressure build
The threshold weakens and begins to fail

A nauseating stench omits from the bowels of the earth as gaseous fumes erupt!
Beneath the structure implodes
An ancient underworld exposed
But something dwells at these depths
Sensing a presence inside the dismal confines

Beyond the darkness and dust
Elusive figures arise revealing the face of humanoid life forms
A kind colonised and hidden below
A massive horde, they approach
Shots fire in panic!
A massacre ensues

Unfazed by gunfire, a sacred power is exhumed
Every target subjected to amputations and gaping burn wounds
Casualties outweigh the rescued
A conflict buried with time and each body in its tomb

8. Arc Of Creation

Taken and lead, entering strange corridors
Housing a mixture of unfamiliar life forms and native creature of earth
Segregated and on display
Sedated for transport

A course if left unknown
The hope of return at its furthest distance
Impulsed to explore the spacious constraints
Oblivious to their constant surveillance
Accessing rooms of voluminous proportions
Within these walls hold a brilliant display

The regeneration of extinct life
Worldly limits sustained holding every known species captive
You are enslaved!

Within astonishing scale of confinement
Your final purpose is revealed
Preserved and displayed imprisoned light years away
On their home planet!

9. Eternal Existence

The external remains in stasis
Sedative a constant cycle
Delving deeper through landscapes once thought to be reveries
A body at rest

As lines intersect
Traversing exterior realities
Beyond sight and out of reach
Re-occurring states of subconscious being forcibly released

Subconscious abilities are now unleashed
Brainwaves shift
Elevate to a higher dimension
Reality transcends illusion
As this body decays I am sustained

Immortal within the flesh
An entity without an ending
Only exit from this celestial plane
As this body decays, I’m sustained
As an entity without an ending

Only exit from this plane
Just know there is something beyond the grave
In R.E.M I’m more alive than awake
A heightened sense of existence
Submerge in the infinite!
Brainwaves shift elevate to a higher dimension

Reality transcends illusion
Submerge inside the infinite
Death is not the end!