The Seven Gates - Angel Of Suffering

Artist: The Seven Gates
Release: Angel Of Suffering

1. Angel Of Suffering

Anguish strikes
It all begins with sour fear
Rampant from within
And the acrid taste of disgust
Nausea is yet to come
Enduring the delights of despair
As mouth opens to scream
Ecstasy is coming my way
Bowels upside down

Thee who sealed my destiny
Leave nothing to remain…

Hidden behind blissful face
Casting delight and torment at me
Inhaling the poisoned incense
Addicted to affliction

Thee who sealed my destiny
Left nothing to remain…
Slashin’, crushin’, smashin’
Lusting for the void of pain
I embrace the almighty fever
The utmost dark now be

2. Pressure

War, a fate, more than certain now
Be prepared to die
Iron will, kill at command
Blood and the fire speak
A frame of mind
Far too long forgotten
Entombing camarades, symbolic burials
Honour deserve to those revealed by blood
Discipline allied to will, build up force and skill
And pressurise minds in a logic of war

Growing fast the menace be
And Babylon may fall again
Our cities shall provide more flesh to be torn
Gods of flesh descent to me, ultimate sacrifice
We prayed for the end too long so here it comes!
No hope to escape the edge of the blade
Lex talionis, an eye for an eye
Wind of vengeance blowing with rage
We step too far off our land
And heavy his fall onto them all

Prepared to light a kind of enemy
When you can only see the eye who subjugates
Embrace all fear, for there your mace by now
A spring shall not return
Till blood offering soak this Earth!

And pyres, we raise until your steel shall burn
When you can only see, Immortal we remain
Embrace your fear and gods, pagan forever
Idols of tomorrow are what we celebrate!

3. Gehenna's Sword

This time my arm is failing
By the work of the wolves
Bite of the swords and my flesh
Has became of pain
Those antic walls could relate
Glories lost in this way
One force awaking as I fall into slumber…
I fear…

As the gates are unclosing as a welcome to me
A steam of power rising and confusing all sights

Preying upon my blood
Great leech now has returned
Once dwelling in between two worlds
A golden voice is heard
Convergence of two wills
On aim eternal life, become one thing
You cannot kill for never-ending strife

Out of the grave my call is raging near
My soul awake and body arise from that land

4. All Is In All

Mind mystified, from the cradle to the tomb
Seeking tool a perfect soul, craving for purity
Submission, humiliation, praying for redemption
Bashing your self till blood, hoping for a light to descend

No mercy for the blind one, my world still remains to devour
Hear the rumbling outside the tumult of their lives
What a pain, what a fight, what a chaos to get
To the light, what ideal is moral
What a lie!

Subversive dogmas, spreading darkness
Poisoning your heart, brands of faith
Consuming till the end
The perverse seed is in your mind, angels bearing
Horns and no salvation shall ever await beyond

Climb deified from the bottom to the throne
The hand of a lord that none has seen
Reveals their way to the fools
One snake or one sword
A sign or an enchanted word
Self-proclaimed messiah always foresees the omens of god

5. The Serpent's Wheel

Bread from unholy side
Spawn of a nightmare strain
A symbol for all to serve
Serpent in shadow
A wicked goal
Within some faithful laws
A leader role
In a purpose of endless war

Serpent’s glory
A light destined to remain in black
Corpus madness
The hidden side you never see

Silent spreading
A venom spirit hunting souls
Reigning serpent
Ever-chanting ancient’s call

Children of serpent bring
Lives up to serve
Servants of glory shall
Come to the end
By spilled blood is sworn
The return of the flesh

6. Selen


7. Quake Of The Hammer

At the gates to our land
Sounds the bell that unifies
The smoke of war burning not so far…
The shepherd and servant gather all as one
Each of them standing as a kingdom child

Desire the access to our paradise
One entire life ain’t enough to conquer
Led foreign host to walk onto our soil
Dust will remain as they’ll be sentenced

Hammer of Gods
Redemption for your sins
No mercy, no forgiveness
Once nightmares become real

Troopers from beyond the sea arise
Blinding our sight
As they compt their injuries

Blades will swing to take some lives
Silence shall be long to cover the fields
Expect torments until the grave
Harvest from the seeds of arrogance
Sentenced by the quake of the hammer

A tribute to your blasphemy
And as the last flesh is tom
We thank the gods for this rain of blood
Sentenced by the quake of the..

8. Temple Of Ashes

Lost into this maze of frost, an army dormant still
Pool of knowledge lies within the holy age of war
Wait in the circle of the ice until our reign is near
Silence yet undisturbed, eternal this one should be
Storm is planned to rage above
And flesh awaken shall rejoice to serve, to fight
And then to be torn apart

Temple led our troops into a slumber
One vision reveals our future

Cries once fixed into the abyss never heard before
Priests of flesh now laid to wait
Their glance burns to the core
Wait in the circle of the ice
Until our reign is near
Silence yet undisturbed
Eternal this one should be
Storm is planned to rage above
And flesh awaken shall rejoice to serve, to fight
And then to be torn apart

Temple led our troops into a slumber
One vision reveals our future

Awake in the circle of the ice
As time to reign is near
Silent coma final phase
Thou shall enter into fear
Storm once planned now rage above and flesh
Awaken now rejoice to rise to light
And die for the glory of the art

9. No Salvation

Mortals among the mortals
Self proclaimed eye of Trod
A balance uncontrolled
And saints are marching to disgrace

Burning to fulfil your soul
Fire to set it free
Servant of our virtue
Harden to hell so pleasantly

No desire, no hate
And one mouth gold
As mystery is spoken through
Blindfold, still I can see
For the evil within I feel

No impious though order of scourge
Those hearts be pure
But their blood it was sworn

Red this dawn shall be
The one who chooses to see
Through angel’s eyes has passed
And now his life has ceased

Repentance’s price is high
In tears and pain of I

Talk to the sky expecting life eternal

10. Kingdom Of The Lost

A shape of black
Darkening my loneliness
Voices from the past
Breaking through the air


Plagues unworthy lives and souls
Yet unspoken

Truth is laying near and in the mist
I touch your hand

Strain of the kings
To behave as gods is my pride
Scorn for the weak
Legacy of blood

Ancestors from whom I descend
Granted me the elder’s height
And the rage for war

Glowing steel has turned to sword
And quest for truth has led to hate
I swear iron shall take you down

Born in anger, forever lost
The way towards
Kingdom of the dismal desert
Wander as a wolf

In search for secret land where death
Dwells supreme