Order Of Ennead - An Examination Of Being

Artist: Order Of Ennead
Release: An Examination Of Being

1. The Concept Of Our Extinction

Time marches on
This known from birth
We are all pawns
Such is the fate of man
A slow dissolve to oblivion

Prepare for the end
The years are falling down
The concept of our extinction
As seen in our reflection

Wait for the day to signify the end
Death comes calling and sealing my fate
Life is declining and falling away
Accepting my death as I fade to oblivion

Filling the void
As my life is destroyed
Acceptance of fate
Await the end of time

2. The Scriptures Of Purification

Purify by fire
Extinguish the flames of contempt
Follow the path
To enlightenment
Destroy what came before

Die to be reborn
Purge the vices
That led to your demise
Deceit, betrayal and bloodshed

Pathways to regret
Call upon intuition
A voice of purity
The scriptures of purification
Your being will guide the way

Obey the scriptures and follow the way
Defy the one that led you astray
Dissolve subjugation
The scriptures of purification
Amid the past
The scriptures of purification

3. Lies Upon The Lips Of Judas

Find the ones that deceived us
Shatter the lies
Guide us to vengeance
Shelter the cries

Seeds of mistrust have been planted in me
I will not fall victim to your prey
Deceived no more I now even the score this day
I will not fall victim to your prey

You will not deceive us
You will not deceive us
You will not deceive us

Lies upon the lips of Judas

4. This Mortal Journey

The reason of creation
The purpose of life
Return of our creators
Awaiting deliverance we seek the answers

The secrets kept
Reveal the path
That has been left
An order of elders show us the way
Decipher glyphs
From years of decay

We are on a journey
For all time to discover the past of our lives
The ways of the ancients we seek
Return of the Ennead

5. ...In The Mirror

Stare at the sun so I can breathe
Shock myself back to reality
Confusion is clouding
My mind depressed by the lapse of time

Looking back I see things clearer
Realise what I should have done as I stare in the mirror
Years pass before my eyes can’t see

Memories of those living and deceased filling my thoughts with pride
To the future I must strive

The past is gone, can’t change decisions
Life filled with little ambition
Fighting to gain my life back
Arms out wide, I scream to the heavens

6. An Examination Of Being

Comfort found in the darkness of night
Away from those that wish to see
Those of faith cannot help me
My answers sought internally

I examine my being and question faith
I seek life’s meaning and place in it all
I exist to question the answers
That have been given to me

Never yield to those that know
They will all burn with me
Man can’t know of existence
We lack the sight, the sight to see
Trapped in this realm unknowing
Until death comes for me

7. Conduits To Eternity

Looking past the veil time
Grasp finite to gain sight
Through self you’ll find
Perceive one mind, shed the flesh
Embrace the collective
We are the conduits to eternity

Transcend from this plane
Become one with the night
We surpass the restrictions of time
And ascend to beings of light
Meditate, concept of one
Ascension has begun

8. A Portal To Rapture

Descend to depths
Concepts dissolve
Past boundaries
Where one must evolve

Tend to the healing of a damaged soul
Avoid the light
Or cease to grow

Abolish all religion
I descend to the reaches of thought
I find a portal to rapture

Release the mind
Find inner meaning
Release the body

Leave all possessions behind
Collective conscience

9. A Betrayal Of Self

There is no way to prevent the end
One must accept our blackened fate
Black, the natural state of matter decayed
Black are the days and the lives that we’ve made

Negative perception, your own creation
Why choose the bleak? And deny satisfaction
Consumed by thoughts of descend
One must accept our blackened fate

There is no shelter from the clouds above
There is no shelter, there is no love
There is no shelter from impending fate
There is no stopping that which penetrates skin

Death descend upon us, leaving us to decay
I try to live on, but my body betrays
Darkness foreshadows our dying
Leaving us to decay

Left in this world alone
I have a sense of being betrayed