Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse

Artist: Farmakon
Release: A Warm Glimpse

1. Loosely Of Amoebas

Crave the sound of ocean roaring
The moisture during nightime warmth

Crave though rather ill-disposedly
To be the director of your dreamplays
To cause awkward ecstatic awakenings
By his side, under the ghost of me

Into the waves still rising higher
The mermaid home, wish I’d be taken there

Like the amoeba spawns
Filling poor Rockford’s cave
My brains swell sorely
When exposed to the vicinity

The conciousness sears me
Through the necessary
Inhaling sin, sketching the moves

Crave the sound of ocean roaring
It was all tears mixed with sea
I’m purified by crystal showers and now
Salt tastes too mildy on my tongue

Crave though rather ill-disposedly
To wake the sea nymph that remains unseen
Causing awkward ecstatic awakenings
By his side, under the ghost of me

2. My Sanctuary In Solitude

Even though the rain won’t stop falling
And the winds howl outside
I do not fear, for every breath I take
They’re losing me

A faint scent of summer
Still haunts in my mind
I’ll hold on to it
I’ll take it with me into my dreams

Somewhere between illusion and reality
I follow this familiar path
It’s slowly getting warmer
As I close my eyes

I tell myself a tale of happiness
To guide me through the twilight
Bewildered by the perfect world
Opening in front of me
I stand still

I remember it all
I remember every single tree
And the shape of every single cloud
But still I will be coming back here
Over and over again

I’m taken by the road that leads me forth
Forever in gratitude to you for giving me my wings
You are my dawn, you are my hope
You are the sign of spring, for all is not lost

3. Mist

Sprung from total emptiness
Inpenetratable and cold
I’m drawn into the grey
And then only darkness

I can hear the rain again
And feel the fragrance of Fall
I can remember the Summer no more
Seems like it never was
I try to run back where I came from
But I fail
The gate closes in front of me
Now already earlier than yesterday

Raging tempest has reached me
I’m no longer safe
The beauty I saw
It can’t hold me now
The more I walk, the more I stray
Long strides in the garden of a withering flower
Trying becomes hard
And hope unnecessary

I’m willing to curse my past, curse my dream
With which my demons now dance with me
The one now taken away
I’m led away
Like blind

The beauty I saw
It can’t fade forever
I will take into me the cold kiss of reality
I will find a way

4. Stretching Into Me

I want to tear my thorn away
The shadow of my end
Once more I see less than yesterday
The vision escapes

I cry for oblivion
The obscure image embracing me
Alone I can’t heal what once was scarred
Still reminder

Slowly I spread myself open
Willing to float through this rain
Slowly, this emptiness is turning to pain
Again I draw back in fear

Deep inside me something always screams
But I hide it all under my skin
I wouldn’t want to masquerade
Deep inside me something always screams
But I just keep myself still
I can’t care of anything anymore

Injured by a blade of black
As I tear my chest open

Take this dream I hold
It’s cracked and it tears me
Take it as I hold up for you
I don’t want it anymore

Maybe I’ve just always been
The one to await the dawn shall not rise
I don’t want to be
To exist in the world of lies

5. Same

I may seem strange to your eyes
But I’m still the same deeper down
Under the surface nothing has changed
You can still recognise me

My body is torn
Into the thing that bit me
It has scarred my skin
But hasn’t touched my soul

I may seem different
But I am the same
I may seem strange to you
But I know who I am
I am still the same
They tried but failed to strangle my soul
I am not drowning

My voice remains the same
My will, my hope, my love
No one has taken them away
No one has had a chance

6. Flowgrasp

I feel the melancholy of deepening summer night
And I loathe it
The dark shades of green entangle me inside
The dices falling

Oh with wounded hearts
Accepting the fate
We shall drift apart
And never meet again

The years gone by, approaching the final step
Will you be there by me?

Oh with wounded hearts
Accepting the fate
What we thought would last forever
Ends right here

I touch your cheek through the morning light
Receive a sleepy smile in answer
Whatever is good in this twisted world
It’s all here to be taken

Oh with wounded hearts
Accepting the fate
We shall drift apart
And never meet again

But ’til the day arrives
I’ll give you all my best
Stand by you in heaven
And in the deepest of hell

7. Flavoured Numerology

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…

8. Pearl Of My Suffering

Knowing that I’m all lost now
I have no chance but to turn back
I’ll face what I was bound to before

Whatever the sickness might be
I don’t mind
I’ll face the void ahead

There’s a window between me and who I was
And I’m the one trying to pry it open
I’ll face the fact that I’ve come too far

All of my life
I have surrounded myself with emptiness
I’ll face my overwhelming loneliness

Hold tight, inner strength
Or the line that still holds me
I’ll face the thing that’s embracing me

I’ll change my destination
I’ll trade the force that’s pulling me
I’ll face my final destitution

When I’ll fall
I will force myself to fly
I’ll face the divine might deep inside

After the night of my soul
After the new dawn
I’ll face the pearl of my suffering

9. Wallgarden

My quiet steps
And the sound of being alone
Line my home
Mask the edge of my reality

Swallowing lament
No more than a fading memory
I cease my steps and lift the rose
Beautiful and so deadly to the sinister side of my world

In silence I’ve lived, in silence I’ve grown
It gave me everything I have in my soul
Here only the echoes of my past thoughts are to follow

Dusk points a finger at me
From a world I no longer recognise
The circle of thoughts has vanished
My cage is gone

In depths I am without sin
I have become the wolf that dwelled inside me
Only my nightmares still faintly
Imitate the life I had

The final comforting
In a silent question
I now cast a shadow
On the arms I have searched for eternity