Coalesce - 002

Artist: Coalesce
Release: 002

1. 73-C

Rape this identity, for your canvas
Hatred and misconception, your mediums
You paint credibility away
Mark I may, but stained, I’m not
In a rage of green venom is spat
To uphold what order?

P.C. mentality, come belittle me
The only barrier to compassion, the one that you uphold
Politics on a kindergarten level
Expression has no place here

I have no grasp on this
What wasn’t said
If we blind our eyes the blood still runs red
We possess nothing other than a lust for peace
So now we are liable to learn from history
With human factor, learn we must

Fear revolution
Violence, our most basic function
Why should we hide from instinct if there is pain to end?
Self-proclaimed lovers
Would they condemn us the same?
What wasn’t said

If we deafen our ears, the screams still echo on
If there is such a thing as content in apathy, then this you have achieved
Desensitised consumers, veto these dollar votes
Fear is no excuse, not anymore

2. Grain Of Salt

So shallow, not even an infant could drown within this compassion
But I feel as if I’ve drowned just the same
But rather from my ignorance that unconditional love might exist
I forgot the numbness
I forgot the frustration that makes up my daily routine of just getting by
I am just barely getting by emotionally

A lack of patience for me
This is not security, but such a pretty package
The guise is broken as the truth rears it’s ugly head unto me
A drunken soul, I’m conscious again
I’ve weakened from my stupor for the last time
So content caressed in rejection
For it’s all that love has ever led to
Once again, the dying man lays down the law for this peon
It’s his last grasp at control
A control that he lost in infidelity

From today to you I’m dead as an order accepting son
You’re searching and searching
But your family isn’t at the bottom of any bottle
You’re smoking us away
You’re choking on your own
No place to hide other than my tears
They still give me away

Do all things end like this?
Must all things end like this?
So shallow
I take everything with a grain of salt

3. Simulcast

The embodiment of innocence stripped from her own territory
America’s child has passed so close to freedom
Now closest with her maker, the ten lifetimes of terror were experienced by this frail body
Where have our children gone?

They are not to be found amongst this tabloid filth overkill
An embarrassing lack of responsibility
A vicious cycle of soap opera drama pettiness
No known beginning and no end in sight
This must be our darkest hour when gossip takes priority over our young

Are we this shallow?
Are we this apathetic?
Are we this bored?
Prove me wrong

The child is mine, now that she has been thrown away
The interest is gone, so now the others suffer
They suffer unto a grotesque attention span deficit monster
They turned our play yards into graveyards
So we cried every night for a week

Squeezing as much concern allowed between each sports update
You cried every night for a week, yet I still mourn
Have you forgotten their faces?
Patience is a virtue I won’t instate
I must see the faces of every abductee
I must taste the pain
Remind me of our system atrocities
Don’t let me forget
Don’t let me forget

Why haven’t we drawn a line?
Instead, we feed and shelter them
We support the evil and pay their debts
We’ve paid their debts
Why can’t we win?