On 11th December 2020, Earache Records releases its first collaboration with Hyper: a ground-breaking remix of nu-core leaders and Earache band Tallah’s fan favourite track “Overconfidence”. The track, “Overconfidence (Hyper’s Cyberpunk Deconstruction)”, sees the powerful, dark atmospheria of Tallah’s “Overconfidence” amplified with adrenalised, grunge-riddled beats, much like the aura of Hyper’s work for the official Cyberpunk 2077 trailer (a track which has amassed 23 million streams on one YouTube video alone).

Known for big production, a liberal use of live bass, guitars and uncompromising vocals, the last 2 years have seen multi award winning Hyper become the spearhead of a new musical sound infiltrating the worlds of both the Electronic and Rocks. Cyberpunk (coincidentally, Hyper scored one of the major trailers for the recent Bladerunner 2049 movie).

Seen by Hyper as a territory with few rules, but one where both guitars and synths can coexist and push the boundaries without answering to genre binding stereotypes, ‘Cyberpunk’ seems to sum up his sound perfectly.

Hyper’s track ‘Spoiler’ has become the bonafide anthem of this genre.  It was used to soundtrack the breakthrough trailer for the most hotly anticipated game, possibly ever, in Cyberpunk 2077.  The trailer went viral and the track has become probably the most copied (yes, ripped off) electronic track in the last two years, garnering over 13 million plays on Spotify alone (where Hyper sees monthly individual listenership closing in on a half a million) and more than a few take down notices…

His pursuit of a sound which refuses to fit happily in a press friendly cubby hole, has seen him working of late, with Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction, Porno For Pyros), Wargasm (hot new band from the UK), Le Castlevania (John Wick movie scorer), and now Tallah, for the iconic Earache label.  His recent score for the high profile Ubisoft game ‘Hyper Scape’ has turned many a head and seen him branch out in new platform directions and new avenues of creativity, while his unique sound has also won awards as the soundtrack for the recent Porsche Cayenne ad campaign. 

A hugely mounting workload (from video game contracts to movie trailer obligations) will be topped off in 2021 by the release of the rule book shredding album ‘Riot Room’, featuring collaborations with Starscream from Slipknott, Wargasm, MC Dread (Redlight, My Nu Leng) amongst other notables… He can’t wait to see the reaction and/or confusion its tracks may cause. If it achieves the latter, he’ll see it as job done… Pigeonholes are for pigeons!