An underground rapper from Rhode Island blowing up big, Gizmo featured on the Lil Peep track “Dreams” with over 1.3 million streams on SoundCloud, and has racked up a huge stream count on his own releases across SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

While Florida seems to be marked as ground zero for modern hip hop in the same way it’s historically housed death metal, the glitter is dulled to metal shards in the unassuming Northeast. Not so for Gizmo who, whilst being compared to the likes of Ghostemane, also draws comparisons to one of Florida’s heaviest exports, leading to him being dubbed the Cannibal Corpse of trap metal, ready to pulverise anything in his path to claim his rightful place at the top.

Despite his SoCal forays, Gizmo’s Rhode Island roots have perhaps carved out a niche defined by the weaving of nature and industrial scape. Treading over trends, Gizmo takes ownership over his scream-drenched vocal style. Just curdled enough to bear some resemblance to sludge, touches of unclean singing grip with a different kind of conviction than his poppier, emo-influenced constituency. Gizmo occasionally breaks into Bone Thugs flows, which of course has become notoriously emulated by $uicideboy$.

Management/booking: Al Dawson