Last Minute California Dates Announced
Shortie is scheduled to perform two shows this upcoming March weekend.
Saturdays's show is to take place at Club Retro in Orangevale along with Project 86, Chasing Victory and The Fold. Keeping up the pace for a nice relaxing day of prayer and reflection, Shortie will be igniting the stage with another stellar performance. It'll all be going down at the Boardwalk, also in Orangevale, along with 7th Standard, Trackfighter and Downshift. Change your plans for the weekend, because these are two shows that are not to be missed if you are in the northern California area.. For a full list of dates and locations, please see the Earache tourdates page.

10 - Club Retro - Orangevale, CA w/ Project 86, Chasing Victory, The Fold
11 - Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA w/ 7th Standard, Trackfighter, Downshift

Shortie's Without a Promise is available in stores now and through the Earache webstore via the links below
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Alaska show dates
Sacramento rock outfit Shortie are scheduled to travel to the Great White North for a series of shows in this month. The band are incredibly excited for the opportunity to perform in front of this brand new audience.
A representative from the band stated that they were excited to travel to such an awesome far off place such as Alaska and play in front of people who are somewhat deprived of regular touring acts.
The band will perform 4 nights total in Anchorage, one of the largest cities within Alaska. Among the performances, Shortie are scheduled to perform a soon to legendary 3 night stand at the O Nightclub over the course
of the weekend of March 23rd. Hopefully these California dreamers can shed some sunshine and awesome music on these Northern brethren. For a full list of dates and locations, please see the Earache tourdates page.

Shortie's Without a Promise is available in stores now and through the Earache webstore via the links below

22 Bitoz Pizzeria - Anchorage, AS w/ The Riot, 2 more TBA
23 Budweiser True Music Preview Show - The O Nightclub - Anchorage, AS w/ Dead on 4th, The Affected, Mercy Should Hurt
24 The O Nightclub - Anchorage, AS w/ Devil Don't care, Seasons of Murder, Theory of Hate
25 The O Nightclub - Anchorage, AS w/ Dirty Little Monkey, 2 more TBA
News item added: 8/3/06


Featured in Number #1 Film Hostel
Sacramento rockers Shortie are featured as the opening track in the nations number one film this week, "Hostel." The band performs "5 Seconds" during the opening scene of the new Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) produced thriller that left audiences on the edge of their seats.
The film's site is available for viewing at www.hostelfilm.com, the site is not for the faint at heart which should be no problem for the average Earache fan.
"Hostel" is a brilliant horror film directed by the much acclaimed Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) in which three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
Shortie's "5 Seconds" also receives a spot on the films official soundtrack available January 24th via Varese records. We here at Earache records could not be more pleased to hear about this incredibly prized opportunity for Shortie. The material from the band's Earache debut "Without a Promise" continues to deliver outstanding tv and movie credits included Mtv's Viva La Bam and NBC's CSI. Hopefully some of you fans out there were watching and did a quick double take when you heard Shortie on those shows.
"5 Seconds" is also available on Shortie's hard rocking Earache release "Without a Promise" in stores now. It is also available through the Earache webstore via the links below.
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A Look Ahead...
A recent conversation with Shortie guitarist Pag showed high hopes for the future of Shortie.
"We've got about nine songs written in the can right now and we're spending the rest of our downtime at home writing material for a new record" said Pag when asked what was going on with Shortie lately. "We're working really hard on these new tunes, they're killer. Some of them are the heaviest we've ever done while some of the others are some of the most heartfelt songs Shortie has ever put to record" continued Pag. Though somewhat outside of the Earache standard, Shortie's blacksheep status allows them to standout among Earache's metal acts who are otherwise competing for the same spotlight while Shortie strides out on their own.
Along with new songs, Shortie plans to hit the road in the near future. Pag says, "We're looking to head out on tour come 2006, hopefully with a January-Febuary UK tour." Fans across the pond are crossing their fingers and counting the days for the Sacramento rock outfit to make it over to shed some sun over the grim weather of northern isles.

Shortie's Without A Promise is out now on Earache records. Available in stores now and through the Earache webstore from the links below.
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In-Store Release Show Rocks Sacramento
Northern California rockers Shortie celebrated the release of their Earache debut, "Without A Promise", by playing a blistering live set of their new songs at local record mecca, Dimples, in their hometown of Sacramento. In front of a packed room of hometown fans, the band ripped through such instant classics as "Truth", "Meant To Fail", and "Change Of Heart", then gave a lengthy autograph session. With Shortie's nationwide tour with Adema starting in early June, the band relished the chance to kick out the jams for their Sacramento fans one last time before leaving home.
News item added: 23/05/05

'Promise' Out Now in the US
Out now in the US... "Without A Promise", the label debut by Sacramento rock upstarts, Shortie! With infectious melodies, impassioned vocals, and hardcore heaviness (not to mention an outrageously stylish presence and a tireless work ethic), Shortie are the next band in line to join the ranks of chart-toppers Eighteen Visions, Story Of The Year, and Lostprophets.
"Without A Promise" features the production expertise of two all-star producers, Michael Rosen (The Donnas, Santana, Testament) and Dave Dominguez (Guns N' Roses, Adema).
Packed with memorable rock gems, "Without A Promise" glides swiftly from bitterly honest moments of vulnerability to tough-as-nails outbursts of hardcore angst.

Buy "Without A Promise" today and catch Shortie live as they hit the road in June with Adema!
SHORTIE’s ‘Without A Promise’ is due in stores Worldwide 23rd May
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Sacramento Rock upstarts SHORTIIE have just completed work on their new video ‘Truth’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Without A Promise’. Directed by acclaimed director Shane Drake of Red Van Pictures (FALL OUT BOY, ARMOUR FOR SLEEP).
‘Truth’ sees another high energy performance from the band as they tear it up in a Sacramento house party in unmistakable SHORTIE style. 2003’s ‘5 Seconds’ has already proved SHORTIE to be a band with a high pedigree when it comes to video, 2005’s ‘Truth’ should more than confirm that, see for yourself here.
Chock full of infectious melodies, emotive vocals and raw passion, SHORTIE’s ‘Without A Promise’ is due in stores 17th of May (US), 23rd of May (Rest of the world).
News item added: 21/04/05

Shortie Studio Report
Just got back from visiting Shortie at J Street Recording Studios in Sacramento, California...
Michael Rosen (Rancid, AFI, Dredg) is producing and is doing an incredible job. The guys have now finished all the tracking and vocals, with only the mixing to go. They played me a couple of songs I have previously only heard in demo form or seen played live at their rehearsal space. The guitars are huge; some songs have up to 10 tracks of guitar on them. Michael has streamlined a lot of the arrangements, which has just gone to make the songs even stronger.
Robbie, Pag, Michael Rosen, Shortie singer Pogus, Shortie bassist Kyle, Alan
From the tracks I got to hear I have to say we are going to be spoilt for choice with great songs on this record. Pogus was working vocals on the day I was there and Michael was making him go over each line time and time again just to get the perfect take. I have to say Michael is so meticulous with the vocals it's insane.
Shortie's Earache debut album, tentatively titled "Without a Promise", is due out February 2005.

-Al Dawson, Earache
Shortie guitarist Pag
Shortie guitarist Alan, Earache's Vanessa Moylan, Pag, Shortie drummer Robbie, producer Michael Rosen
News item added: 27/7/04

Shortie Begin Recording Earache Debut
NorCal rockers Shortie enter the studio July 12 to record their as-yet-untitled Earache debut.

For their first Earache album, Shortie have chosen to record in their hometown of Sacramento at J Street Studios, the studio owned and operated by Tesla bassist Brian Wheat. Producing will be ace Michael Rosen, whose credits include Santana, AFI, The Donnas, and Michelle
Shortie's Earache debut will contain the band's strongest material to date. Imagine the unmistakable Shortie sound -- the haunting intensity of Deftones and Poison The Well, propelled with a driving rock pulse and infectious pop hooks -- yet boosted with a world-class production job. Prepare for a concise, crushing, and contagious rock album from one of the brightest young hopefuls on today's US rock scene.
News item added: 20/6/04

Shortie signs Worldwide deal with Earache
Heroes of the new NorCal rock scene since their formation in the late 90's, Shortie stand ready to take over the title held by such Sacramento forerunners as Deftones and Will Haven. Armed with a musical maturity that belies their youthfulness, Shortie come forth with supremely-crafted rock songs, running the gamut from hardcore angst to soaring melodies. Their sound takes the haunting intensity of Deftones, Will Haven, and Poison The Well, and propels it with driving energy and arresting hooks. Shortie's music is calculated, concise, and crushing, yet infectiously memorable.
Inspired by Cave In, Portishead, and Cannibal Corpse alike, and sharing stages with such heavyweights as Papa Roach, Adema, and Soulfly, Shortie have cultivated a sound (and a fiercely loyal West Coast following) all their own. Over the course of three full length albums, one EP, and a handful of demos, Shortie's sound has developed from unfocused aggression to utterly distinctive music that charismatic frontman Pogus has described as "the missing link between heavy metal and pop".
Having sold over 7000 copies of their second album, Shortie signed a deal with Go Big! Records to record their third album, "Worthless Smiles" with producer/engineer Dave Dominguez (Papa Roach, Weezer, The Offspring). It was "Worthless Smiles" that caught the attention of Earache Records founder Digby Pearson who stepped up to the plate and offered to license the album on Earache in the UK and Europe.
A year later, Earache is proud to announce that Shortie is the newest member of the Earache family, signed to the label with a worldwide deal.
Earache US label boss Al Dawson had this to say:
"We're psyched to be working with a band as talented as Shortie. These guys stand head and shoulders above the current crop of heavy alternative bands. They possess the energy, ambition, and talent that it takes, not to mention they just rock."

News item added: 29/4/04

Calling all Shortie fans out there .. we need you to sit in front of your TV! The super cool new video for "5 Seconds" .... the filming of which nearly saw Sacramento's finest emo boys arrested for an armed robbery, is now on Scuzz TV (SKY CHANNEL 471) and we'd like it to stay on there!
It is being previewed on New Skids On The Block everyday from 5-6pm  - the telephone number you need to know is 09014 900352 ... BUT the Shortie video vote number changes everyday, you'll get that by either watching the show or from www.scuzz.tv  - if you vote for them after 5:50pm their vote will go to another band .. so get on that phone early!

News item added: 31/10/03

Sacramento, CA-based hard-alternative rockers SHORTIE were nearly arrested and hit with steep fines while shooting the video for their first single "5 Seconds" from their debut album Worthless Smiles.
It seems that while filming a scene for the video which depicts a liquor store robbery a few of the local Santa Monica, CA residents and passing motorists were more than a little alarmed by the sight of three masked gunmen entering Jerry's Liquor Store and hurriedly called the police. The numerous reports to the Santa Monica Police Department resulted in the SMPD dispatching a total of nine police cars to the scene, where SHORTIE's flustered U.S record company guys smoothed over the less than amused police officers.
Having not secured permits, insurance, security and other incidentals required for location shoots, SHORTIE narrowly avoided getting the entire video shoot shut down and somehow escaped heavy fines. All in a night's work…?
News item added: 03/08/03

Shortie frontman Pogus talks with Earache
Coming straight out of Sacramento, California, with a fistful of irresistible hook lines and an unfeasible amount of energy, Shortie are genuinely impossible to categorise. Is it emo-core, pop-metal, nu-punk or all three at the same time? However you define their ridiculously catchy and powerful sound, the band’s third album and debut for Earache, “Worthless Smiles”, looks set to propel the band into the spotlight. We spoke to frontman Pogus about being part of the rock world’s brightest new hopes.

Q: First Deftones, then Will Haven, now Shortie - is Sacramento a good place to be for top quality rock music?
Pogus: It’s okay, but the scene in Sacramento is very fashionable. Whatever’s hot is hot here too. A few years ago it was the nu-metal thing and now it’s the screamo thing and we've never really been part of any of it. We’re just doing our own thing. We got together about five years ago because we wanted to do something different and we wanted to change what was going on here in town. Everyone was doing the same thing and we had some cool new ideas to try out.

Q: How did you arrive at your current sound?
Pogus: Well, we actually started out being a lot heavier. I think when you’re younger you always think that to be really heavy you have to be as fast and as aggressive as possible. But I guess that as we grew up we realised that you can have strong melodies and still be real heavy. That’s when we decided we wanted to really work hard at this and started taking the band really seriously.

Q: How would you describe Shortie’s music?
Pogus: I came up with something a couple of days ago. I think that Shortie are the missing link between heavy metal and pop music. My whole thing is that I’ve always loved heavy music, but I’ve always loved melodic music. I’ve always wanted to do something melodic. It’s so cool to have that mixture of the two going on. There’s so much energy going on. If you come to our show you’ll be blown away by the energy and the vibe we have.

Q: Presumably you have a wide variety of musical influences?
Pogus: Yeah, sure. Our bass player is into everything from funk and rap to death metal. The other guys all listen to different stuff, from more indie kinda stuff through to metal and punk rock and trip hop.

Q: That explains why there’s a version of Portishead’s ‘Sour Times’ on the album!
Pogus: Exactly. The trip hop thing was big here for a while, but I guess it’s kind of petered out now. For a while people thought it would be the next big thing but it kind of died out. People are into the whole screamo thing at the moment. But yeah, Portishead is a big favourite with the band. We all really like them and it’s a really cool song. I think we put our own touch on the song. It was kind of a strange one to sing, too. It’s a difficult song, but I think I did a good job. We played it live for a while and then it got dropped for a while. It’s more of an encore now.

Q: With such a distinctive sound, where do you think Shortie sits in the grand scheme of things?
Pogus: It’s hard to say, man. We could play with so many different kinds of bands. We’d love to tour with Cave In or Handsome. Not Hanson, though! We could play with punk bands or metal bands or whatever. I think that’s one of the best things about Shortie. I guess with being on Earache we might end up playing with some pretty heavy bands!

Q: So how did you end up signing to Earache?
Pogus: I think Digby saw a video of us playing live that was doing the rounds and he just had to sign us! It’s flattering to know that the people at Earache like our music enough to put it out. We’re definitely different to other things they’ve got going on. We’re definitely not a heavy, heavy band, if you know what I mean! But our live show is intense, and there’s a lot of energy and emotion and contact with the crowd. You’ll have to come and see us. It’s hard to describe.

Q: Where did the name Shortie come from?
Pogus: Ah, the name of the band! It was a name that I was called. I’m five foot six and that’s the name I’ve been called all my life. It represents the every day underdog. It’s like Hey, fatty! or What’s up, shorty? ... you know what I mean? People don’t think about that stuff but it automatically marks you out as an underdog or an underachiever and that’s how we see the band. We’re underdogs, man.

Q: Is everyone in the band vertically challenged?
Pogus: Fortunately they’re not! Our guitarist is shorter than me, but the rest of the band aren’t short at all.

Q: What kind of things are Shortie singing about?
Pogus: I write all the lyrics and I sing about personal stuff. It’s everything from love to hate. I don’t want people to know exactly what I’m singing about because I like everyone to be able to take what they want from the songs. I didn’t want the lyrics on the CD for that reason. If people know that a song is about someone I know, this guy or that guy, it just becomes about one thing. We write for ourselves, so they’re our songs, but we want the songs to belong to the fans too and it’s cool that every song means something different to everyone.

Q: You've got a tattoo of the Shortie logo on your arm. Where did you get that done?
Pogus: I got that done at a shop in Sacramento called Heaven Sent. I guess we’ve all got a bunch of tattoos. I have my wife’s name on my other arm and I have a daughter and I’m going to get her name tattooed on my back. Family is totally important to me. It’s kind of my shield, you know?

Q: What would you do if the band changed their name? Would you lose the tattoo?
Pogus: This band’s name will never change! And once this band is done, I’m done with music. I’ll always be proud of this band, so I’m keeping the tattoo forever, man.
Interview added: 16/05/03

'Worthless Smiles' streets in UK/Europe
Shortie's debut CD was finally released 5 May by Earache in UK and Europe.Shortie's brand of intense emo-core with strong songs and melodies has already received tons of airplay in the UK courtesy of BBC Radio 1.The band were recently featured on the Streetwise/Go Big-produced 'Ozzfest DVD' as well as the freestyle motocross themed 'Big Air Experience' comp Cd, (which they shared with the likes of Slayer, Hatebreed & Snoop Dogg!) The band now head out for some Californian shows in support of the disc.
Meanwhile check out some recent live shots of Shortie at www.nworks.net/melissa/id56
News item added: 12/04/03

Shortie's track "5 Seconds" has been included on the Extreme Motorcross compilation CD "The Big Air Experience". The Sacramento 4 piece are in good company on the CD which features artists as diverse as Slayer, QOTSA, Shadows Fall & Snoop Dogg .. unfortunately this album is only available to buy in the US released on Priority Records.
News item added: 12/04/03

New signing announced: SHORTIE
Earache is proud to announce the addition of Sacramento’s emo-core sensations SHORTIE to our roster of artists.
Sacramento, already home to such legendary acts as the Deftones and Papa Roach, is fast emerging as a hotbed of New American Rock once again, and Shortie's unique combination of aggressively intense songs delivered with singer Pogus' unmistakably heart-wrenching melodic vocals, is certainly leading the way.
Though aged between 18 and 21, Shortie have been actively playing shows and recording for 4 years, and have honed their songwriting craft by sharing the stage with some of rock’s most respected and influential artists, including Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Alien Ant Farm, Adema, Soul Fly, Saliva and Pressure 4-5. Such shows have earned the band a dedicated fanbase in their home state of California, with shows further afield now on the horizon.

Having sold over 7000 copies of their previous Indie recording efforts on various local labels, during 2002 Shortie began recordings for their debut full length CD for GoBig! Records, a brand new label previously notable for compiling The Ozzfest/Streetwise DVD - the resulting album, entitled "Worthless Smiles" was produced by famed LA Producer/Engineer Dave Dominguez (Papa Roach, Staind)

Dave sums up Shortie : “From day one I wanted to be involved with this band. Their infectious melodies follow me day and night, and there quite simply isn’t a more deserving and talented band out there right now. I am thrilled and proud to have worked with Shortie, and am looking forward to introducing their genius to the rest of the world.”

Earache label boss Digby Pearson comments on the signing: " Hearing and seeing Shortie for the first time on the Streetwise DVD, it was obvious to me they were the best band on the whole damn thing, by a mile. An explosion of energy onstage, with great songs and an even greater singer - greatness awaits Shortie..."

Earache will issue "Worthless Smiles" instores in Europe late March 2003 (tracklisting below) followed by a lengthy stint of UK and European touring on the release.

1. 5 Seconds
2. Kill The World
3. Waiting
4. Reaction Time
5. The One
6. Some Times
7. Open Season
8. David Bowie
9. Getting Over You
10. Sour Times
(Portishead cover)

Shortie appear on 720 Records in the USA...
News item added: 12/12/02