SSS started life in 2005 with the self released, self titled 7", featuring 3 trademark short, sharp, shocks as well as the 7 minute epic tribute to Cliff Burton, 'Black Night, White Light'. This was followed in 2006 by the (again!) self titled debut album, first released on Dead and Gone Records. The 16 tracks found thier way into the hands of Earache Records, who snapped the band up without even seeing them play, and  re-released the album under the Earache moniker.

The fruits of their labour came to light when, later that year, they re-issued their self-titled debut. Both fans and the press lapped it up, and comparisons were being made to the greats – Anthrax, Excel and early Suicidal Tendencies. The track ‘Son Of The Beast’ was used in an advert featuring pro-skater and long-time friend of the band Geoff Rowley for Independent Trucks.

Lots of UK gigs and a first trip to Europe followed, as the band started to finese thier hardcore punk/thrash metal crossover sound, and dropped the second album, 'The Dividing Line' in 2008. A natural progression to the first album, the band was now finding thier feet, as the 20 track monster showed. Gigs and tours with the likes of Gallows, Fucked Up, Municipal Waste and Killswitch Engage followed thier live stock grew.

June 6th 2011 see's the release of album #3  for SSS, with possibilities of thier sound pushed even further, bringing elements of death metal, prog rock, classic rock and grindcore into thier punk/metal mix. It is thier most abrasive record to date, with the tracklist now pushed up to 25.