Ignominious Incarceration are a fast-rising modern death metal band based in Bath in the UK.  This talented, young five-piece deliver an instantly recognisable, crushing, modern sound whilst being unmistakably rooted in traditional death metal.

Having only formed in 2006, Ignominious Incarceration are one fast-moving band.  Only six weeks after forming in a small town called Wellington in the UK, the band played their first gig to a humble audience of around 20 people.  By the time the band played their third show, they had replaced Abigail Williams on a tour slot as the main support act for Bring Me The Horizon and were playing to over 400 people.

Since those early shows, Ignominious Incarceration have been moving at light-speed, both musically and in their progression as a band.  Quickly being tipped as one of the best new British death metal bands, they have toured with the likes of Trigger the Bloodshed and Bleed From Within, and have an unreleased 6-track EP under their belts.

In May 2008, only two years after forming, Ignominious Incarceration's hard-working ethic paid off as the band signed a worldwide record deal with extreme metal label, Earache Records.  Currently working on their debut album, the band are set to enter Grindstone Studios in Suffolk in September 2008 with producer Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Gama Bomb) for an early 2009 release, with touring scheduled for October 2008.

Interview with Ignominious Incarceration June 2008
Introduce yourself and the members of the band
Andy Wardle – Microphone, Steve Brown – Guitar, Sam Bailey – Drums,
Chris Ball – Bass, Danny Guy - Guitar

Where are you all based and how long have you been together?
The band started pretty spot on 2 years ago now. The band was originally based in a small town called Wellington in the South West of the UK. Wellington isn’t renowned for producing its death metal bands, the most exciting thing to do is prank call Boots (as in the shop) and Ask them if it’s the Wellington boots. So basically it sucks, but deep in the shire lays Sam’s basement, and the bands secret hideout. Then Andy moved to Bath, where we met Danny. Sam and Steve also have moved to Bath now so I guess it’s basically the bands home.

Where did you get the ludicrously long and complicated name and what does it mean?
Well when we first started we didn’t ever anticipate getting this far, we needed a name none-the-less. I Guess we just didn’t think it was too important. I pretty much went on a name quest with 3 criteria; it had to be big long words, it had to have alliteration and sound obviously metal. I think Ignominious Incarceration fits that pretty nicely. Ignominious basically means “disgraceful” and Incarceration is “entombment”. It’s about when your naughty and get locked in your room, or you commit mass murder and get confined to hell for all eternity, something like that. Most people call us Ignom or II.

Who are your main influences?
Everyone in the band has a great variety of music taste, and we as individuals are influenced by many different things. The different range of influences I guess brings in a lot more creativity and diversity. There are however certain bands which we all love and bind us together.
A very short list would be:
Decapitated, Behemoth, At the Gates, Metallica, Necrophagist. The usual business.

What are your opinions on the current extreme Metal scene. Do you think its healthy?
Hell yes. There are shows on every night, if it’s a huge metal festival or some death metal bands first gig in a pub, there something going on! There are so many bands out there so I guess its getting out there.

What are you doing differently and what makes you stand out?
I don’t think it’s the individual songs that are immediately different. What makes us different is probably our diversity within our songs. Our EP has really simple chunky stuff like ‘Prey’, but also more elegant melodic songs like ‘The Savoir’. We’re not trying to fill anyone’s shoes, follow any trends or confine ourselves to one element of metal. We want to be as heavy as possible but still retaining melody and strong structure.

What are your songs about and what influences your music?
Most of the lyrics have geeky fantasy elements behind them. They’re not about love or anything really real. There is a lot of aggression behind it all though, which ultimately drives the style of it all.

What do you think to the current scene on the other side of the Atlantic? You should really get out there and play!
It is so much bigger then over here, we cannot wait to be able to tour America. Hopefully with a band that is big over there at first, then eventually when we get big enough, a big headline tour would be amazing!

You just finished a 6 track EP. What are the plans for the debut album?
Just the next step up. Most of our current songs are quite old and I think we have moved on significantly since then. We have been around such a short time we are currently progressing.
It should be faster, more tech, retaining a good mix of chunk and melodies.

When can people see you on the road. Do you have big plans for touring?
As soon as the album is finished we want to hit the road constantly. We have not played any shows recently to concentrate on the writing. So lots of UK tours and hopefully big US and Europe tours with other bands.

What do you do outside of music. Any interesting hobbies or passions?
We all Skate or BMX, expect for Chris, his passion is the amber nectar. The plan for tours is to hit skate parks every day, play a show, then get annihilated!

Oh yea we love booozeeee.

We notice some of you are pretty heavily tattooed. Whos got the most ink and who has the cheesiest tat?
Danny has the most ink, Andy is a firm last place with no tats. The Cheesy tat competition is a close call! First up we got Sams final fantasy tattoo. 2nd place goes to Steve knuckle tattoo; “a new hope”. He didn’t realize this was the first Star Wars film. 1st place goes to Danny again, with sexytime! on his ass. It has to be seen to truly appreciate it.

Whats your opinion on the pig-sqeals/”Breeee” vocals many Death Metal acts use, - is it for extra brutality?
No one in band listens to a band that does it. It doesn’t make you sound any heavier that’s for sure. Its very trendy at the moment, whether it will last only time will tell! Even Job For a Cowboy quickly stopped doing it.

Who’s the maddest fan you’ve ever met at a show. Any nutters?
There is some guy who claims he used to be in the band, and is best friends with us all. Well sorry mate, no. You suck.

Are any of you straight edge or do you all like to party?
See other interests question and quote: “Oh yea we love booozeeee”
We’re all drinking right now.

The scene has a lot of charity gigs - Mosh For Cancer springs to mind - is the scene more caring than other scenes? Why do you think that might be?
It shows most bands just want to play a killer show, rather then get some cash. It shows the bands who are playing for the right reasons.

Name your 5 fave old school death metal acts and why (they don’t have to be Earache acts!!)
Carcass, Vader, Deicide, At the Gates, Hate Eternal. No particular reasons for each, just great bands that have stood the test of time and are still better than most new releases!

Your all great musicians. How long have you each played your respective instruments?
Danny is coming on to 15 years!! Hes an old chap though, compared to the rest of us. We have all been in other bands before this one, and been playing at least 5 years.

Have any of you ever had any run ins with the law?
Many. Unfortunately, most must remain disclosed due to the nature of them. Get us hammered and they might leek out. Andy and Sam have both been busted for having free drinks though. Andy had a Milkshake from Lidl, and Sam some juice from M&S. We both got busted and have a life long ban. Rebels.

Do you get in the Mosh pit or stand at the side?
Head bang at the front, simple as that!!

What’s the most surreal moment to happen in your life?
Danny found his room full of giant spiders once, we don’t know how this happened/was induced. Also, Sam got chased by a pack of cats once.

You guys appear to live and breath Metal. What would people be surprised to hear about you?
We watch friends more then listen to metal. Hahahahaha

Name your 5 desert island discs
We all have very different choices, but to represent the band island it would go something like this:
Decapitated: Nihility/Negation
Metallica: And Justice for All
At the Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
The Black Dahlia Murder: Miasma
Beneath the Massacre: Mechanics of Dysfunction